What will it cost me?

One advantage of this master plan is that we can structure bond repayment to maintain a total school bond tax rate estimated at $2.99 or less per thousand dollars of taxable value.


One important factor of the structured bonding authority is that most district taxpayers would only see an increase in their rate of about an estimated $1.34 per thousand from current tax levels. This is because more than two thirds of taxpayers are already paying $1.65 per thousand for The Dalles Middle School.

Residents of the former Chenowith District have not been paying on that bond under the current district’s formation agreement. They pay zero now, so they will experience the full increase of $2.99 per thousand. If this bonding authority passes, all district taxpayers will pay the same rate for schools.

We think this is a well-reasoned, cost-conscious approach that will result in schools that set the tone for our community’s future.