Support from Nan Wimmers

Nan Wimmers

To the editor:

All too often, I talk to families interested in living in The Dalles who choose another community after seeing the condition of our schools. Our local hospital says this is one of the reasons it is difficult to recruit doctors (other professionals, too) to live and work here. This puts a heavier burden on the few doctors who do live here when urgent situations arise. Of course, edit as you see fit.

The Dalles needs new schools. 

Up-to-date schools send a message to the world, and to The Dalles’ citizens, that this community is forward-thinking and willing to invest in our own future. They say this community cares about the future of our children and wants to be sure they are safe and secure in school now, and well-prepared to enter college and careers later.

I make my living in The Dalles and I see this city moving forward. New schools will complement that effort.

I urge you to vote yes on Measure 33-98 in the November 6 election.

Nan Wimmers

The Dalles property owner

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