Ryan LeBreton voting yes on Nov 6th

Ryan LeBreton:

I plan to vote yes November 6 on Measure 33-98 to replace the four oldest schools in North Wasco County School District. 

I’m excited about this opportunity to bring our schools into the 21st century and provide the advanced technology that our existing schools can’t. These new schools will be built to meet the needs of today’s learning methods, enhancing our kids’ school experience rather than detracting from it. 

I’m also excited at the prospect of a new high school with a self-contained campus. Modern safety and security measures will help protect students and assure that no one enters the school without permission. The school’s modern, new athletic complex will bring our sports facilities up to date and be an enduring source of community pride. 

A self-contained campus would bring a sense of community to our kids.  During the spring, there is only one sport that is on campus and that is Tennis.  Softball, Baseball, and Track and field all go different ways to practice…with our new school, all that activity would be contained on campus.  Games would be right outside the front doors and more kids would go watch because its right on campus.  This would build morale and support for our athletics, along with more school spirit as more kids will be hanging out on campus after school.  

With the input of local citizens, the district has put together a solid facilities plan that looks to the future. It assures that the district will have the schools we need. At the same time, by structuring the plan they way they have, we are able to replace four much-needed schools while keeping the annual tax rate at not much more than we would pay to build a single school. 

Ryan LeBreton

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