Letter from Tom Peachey

Tom Peachey

I write to support, in the strongest terms, the passage of the Northern Wasco County School

District School Bond. I am proud to note that I have spent the last 40 years in this community. I

am honored to have had my two sons attend and graduate from The Dalles schools. It is unlikely

that any of my family will ever attend school in The Dalles. Why would I then support this

School Bond?

This Bond Measure is about far more than supporting our children. It is about the future of our

community. A vote in favor of this Bond Measure shows a belief that The Dalles is prepared to

face and support a vibrant community that attracts the Gorge's finest. A vote against this Bond

Measure is a vote for our distant past.

The Dalles School administration merits your support as it is becoming a model to the State for

its attendance and graduation rates. The new schools will provide much needed security. This

requirement is too often demonstrated by national school tragedies. New schools will result in a

far more efficient utilization of the District's financial resources. The current plan under this

measure for four new schools over 20 years is by far the most responsible fiscal approach. Under

this proposal citizen involvement is assured and welcomed. You will be able to continue to have

input to direct the development of these schools.

Never in my tenure in The Dalles has there been an opportunity to support and enrich our entire

community as we do now. Don't let this opportunity pass us by. Vote yes on the School Bond.

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