Community Support from Rita Rathkey 

Dear Editor,

I am writing in support of the North Wasco County School District bond measure .   My husband and I have raised two children in this community and found it a wonderful place to do so.  The teachers were not only knowledgeable, but caring.  The activities available were wholesome and helped expand the horizons for all the students.  Now it is time to make sure we, as a community, continue to pull together and support the educational opportunities to future generations.  

The proposed school bond supports repairs, technology, and improvements to safety.  Let’s face it, we live in an historic community.  Schools that were built 60 to 100 years ago need attention and updating.    In order to prepare our kids to work in the modern society teachers need to have access to new technology and that technology needs to be supported by the school infrastructure.  We won’t continue to attract good teachers, if we cannot provide the infrastructure and technology.  

The Dalles High School is currently exceeding the average graduation rate in the state, and that is good to know, but we can do even better.   Jobs in the gorge are moving more and more toward technology and if we want our kids to meet the challenges of these jobs, we have to be willing to fund this type of education.  

I think all of us can thank the people who built this town, funded schools and libraries, not just for themselves, but for those who came after them.  Now it is our opportunity to step up and provide that support for education.   

Rita Rathkey 

The Dalles

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