A letter from Ed Ortega

Ed Ortega:

Schools are a big part of most local communities.  They are just as important here. It is something that folks can have pride in and support.  My wife and I both graduated from The Dalles High School. I have one child that has graduated, one that is about to graduate, and one that has a few more years to go.  

My family has deep roots in the community and would like to have The Dalles, and the surrounding area, be a place that families want to come to and put roots down and want to stay for many years.  

Bond Measure 33-98, in November is an inflection point for this community. This is a moment in time that changes everything that follows. New, strong community schools, will be a source of pride for the students and teachers that go to and work at those schools. Students will have a place and an environment that will help them be college and career ready.  Parents will have a peace of mind that schools are a safe place for their children to be. New schools, will have the technology and facilities to learn what today’s students need to learn. Student athletes and the community will have fields and space to use and be proud of. These are all things that I believe are positives for the entire community.

If the bond measure does not pass, The Dalles will still be a good place to live, but will suffer from an identity crisis.  An identity crisis that tells its citizens that the population doesn’t believe in itself and its future. Please help me in knowing what The Dalles and this community is about by supporting Bond Measure 33-98 in November.

Ed Ortega

The Dalles

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