A Letter of Support from Rymmel Lovell

I am writing in support of passing the bond measure for our D-21 schools. We are falling behind in updating our school buildings at all levels. I attended the facilities planning meetings last year and looked at what is wanted for our children’s education and the facilities needed at each level. Important values for new schools are: safety, security, and a healthy environment.
Our buildings need to be timeless, cost-effective, easy to maintain and facilities of which we can be proud. We must promote programs that are learner-centered, with focus on career and college readiness. In addition, we need buildings that promote community access.
After you read this letter, make your own list of values. What do you want for youth educated in our community? They could be your own children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors, church family, or kids down the street. As a volunteer, I care for the school district archives in a museum at the Wahtonka building. I see the changes that have taken place since I retired in 2001.
I have the old Apple II that plays a 5” floppy of “Oregon Trail” with only a green screen and without a mouse to navigate the cursor. Saving the past for the future is a walk down memory lane, but technology and innovations far beyond that are needed and wanted for today’s children and their education.
Come visit the museum any Saturday through the end of September. Enjoy revisiting your school days; then, with me, be ready to move on. Take the first steps on the journey into the future to rebuild our schools. Support the up-coming school bond; help our community move forward with pride and a long-term commitment.

Rymmel Lovell D21 Museum Curator

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