Setting the Stage for Our Future

We are a group of local residents with a vision

School Campuses that are a welcoming and beautiful source of community pride:

Safe - Secure - Healthy - Timeless
Maintainable - Learner Centered - Community Resource

We propose a bond

Replace The Dalles High School and all three elementary schools over 15 years (including improvements to Mosier Charter School), and make modest but needed improvements to the schools that must last through that time.

  • Improve Safety & Security

  • Upgrade & Update our Buildings

  • Build 4 New Schools Over 20 Years

  • Modernize our Classrooms & Learning

Here’s the bond explained in video…

A concise description of the new high school plan included in the school bond Measure 33-98,

Learn the thought process and planning that assessed the integrity of the old school buildings and why building 4 new schools is the vision for the North Wasco County School District 21 Bond plan.

A concise description of the school Master Plan in the proposed Measure 33-98,

A concise description of how the proposed school bond Measure 33-98 will work for tax payers in North Wasco County.


Our Vision

Over the next 20 years we will replace four aging and declining schools in the North Wasco School District with safe, secure and healthy campuses that are timeless, maintainable, student-centered, serve as a community resource and are a welcoming and beautiful source of community pride.

Safe, Secure and Healthy

Safety + Security  • Not Scattered – ConsolidateD • Controled Access • Closed Campus • Physical Safety • Healthy • Calm • Comfortable

• Every campus is effectively controlled to provide access to authorized users during school and after hours.
• Every building is effectively controlled and monitored by school staff during school and after school hours.
• Every building interior environment is consistently clean, comfortable and conducive to learning.
• Every building incorporates day-lighting and is a place where students want to be.

SCS RHD Photo Edits Showers.jpg
TDHS Gym Bathroom 200+.jpg


Resilience • Flexible/Adaptable • Future-proof • Economical • Expandable • Forward thinking • Adaptable • Innovative

• Teaching and Learning space are flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of the student, teachers and staff.
• Every school is flexible and adaptable to physical change based upon the needs of future, research-based teaching and learning pedagogy.
• Every school is adaptable to change in size and purpose; and can easily be modified.
• Every school looks to the future; while portraying an enduring and high quality of construction.

Strong Community Schools Lead Paint Windows-6804.jpg
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Strong Community Schools Duct Tape and Asbestos.jpg


Low environmental impact • Longevity • Low maintenance • Efficient • Economy • Standards • Feasible

• Replacement equipment, materials, and systems can be sourced from a standardized list of products that are applicable at all schools.
• Products for new installation or replacement are efficient, durable low maintenance and sustainable.
• Schools are constructed of quality materials that will last; and be adaptable to new technologies.

Strong Community Schools More Useless Fountains-6809.jpg
Strong Community Schools plumbing behind Concrete.jpg


study Friendly Space• Dynamic • Inspiring • ACCESSIBLE
• Multi-sensory • Muti-discipline • Multi-option • Inclusive • Accepting • Blended LearninG • community of our Youth

• Schools provide space that supports student collaborative learning.
• Schools provide spaces for all learners – inclusive, multi-option and multi-sensory.
• Schools provide spaces that are age and size appropriate.
• Schools inspire students to excel; and are dynamic spaces for learning. 

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Community Pride

Welcoming • Community Ownership • Excellence • Good valueS
   • Transportation Center/Agricultural Center/ Trade Center • Tradition
• Heritage • SHARED pride • Identity  • Successful

• Schools are welcoming, inviting, and beautiful; and reflect shared pride in community heritage.
• Schools establish and foster a culture of community ownership.
• Schools portray an image of success and excellence.
• People feel valued and important.

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Community Resource

Convenience for community • Interactive connectivity
•Outreach • Partnerships •Community Resource
• Outdoor space • Greenspace • Connecting • Hospitality

• Solid community partnerships have been created and sustained.
• Schools recognized as convenient and valuable resources that are flexible to community needs.
• Outdoors spaces are available for community use.
• Schools are open and available for community use at minimal to low-cost.
• Schools that can be occupied; and a community resource after natural disasters (Postearthquake). 

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Strong Community Schools Caff.jpg

Former Music Teacher Paul Viemeister talks about why we need new schools in The Dalles…