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Each generation is asked and expected to provide for the educational needs of future generations, by assuring robust instructional programs and, in particular, safe facilities in which to learn.

Residents of North Wasco County built schools 100 years ago, they built more schools 50-60 years ago, they built a school 15 years ago, and now they are being asked to build or renovate our schools for the next 50 years or more.

The schools in North Wasco County are very old, lack adequate heating and cooling, have inadequate safety measures, and have poor seismic stability. Many classrooms are very small, cafeterias are undersized, and sports fields are lacking. The cost to repair the current buildings is estimated to be well over $100 million, yet they would still be undersized and configured poorly for our current student population and educational needs.

We the undersigned wholeheartedly support the children of our community, the quality of their education, and the safety, soundness, and quality of their school environments. It is time to make the investment in our public schools for future generations. That is why we ask you to vote “Yes” on Measure 33-98 which will authorize the issuance of up to $235 million in general obligation bonds for North Wasco County School District 21 to repair and replace schools and update technology.

If you plan to vote YES on North Wasco County School District Bond Measure 33-98, please sign below

Our endorsements to date:


The Dalles Chronicle

District 21 Education Association

Oregon Education Association

Mid Columbia Medical Center Board of Trustees

Individuals (listing of employer/business is for identification purposes only, not necessarily an endorsement):

Matt Morgan- North Wasco School District 21

Mark Ulrich

Thad McCracken- Mosier Community School board member

Heather & Jim Taylor

Rob Zule- NWasco SD school board member zone 3

Doug Leash- retired educator

Linda Glanden

Greg Cummings

Claudia Leash- Sigman’s Flowers

Michael Leash

C.J. Toole- North Wasco School District 21

Jim Appleton- former Mosier Fire District chief

Camilia Richardson- real estate broker

Marolyn Wilks- retired educator

Cora & Jared Sawyer- Sawyers Ace Hardware & Grinders Coffee

Bruce Lumper- retired

Rick Ursprung

Debra Lutje

Alexandra Gray

Brent Cramblett

Nate Stice- The Dalles resident

Carrie Pipinich- The Dalles resident

Mary Gale

Russ Brown- member of The Dalles city council

Fallon Cramblett- self employed

Shawn Coffelt

Siobhan O’Halloran- The Dalles resident

Katie Ortega- North Wasco School District 21

Jim Foster- Foster & Young LLP

Kevin Dale- Hampton Inn & Suites

Anne Codding- Green’s Landscape Design

Eric Holeman- MCMC

Dennis Pounds- CCI

Brian Stevens- self employed

Lori Russell- retired educator

Tom Richardson- North Wasco School District 21, Mosier Community School board member

Dr. Miriam McDonell- MCMC

Ananda Boyer- MCMC

Sandra Harris- educator

Mandelynn Pray

Nan Wimmers- Columbia Gorge Real Estate

Mandy Morgan

Mike Ballinger

Martha McInnes- MCMC

Kathy Schwartz- Wasco County Commissioner Elect

Tom Peachey- former The Dalles municipal court judge

Dean McAllister- The Dalles resident

Annette Byers- The Dalles resident

Sam & Ann Marie Woolsey- The Dalles residents

Lynne MacIntyre- The Dalles resident

Solea Kabakov- The Dalles resident

Crystal & Dan Ross- The Dalles residents

Dave Lepper- The Dalles resident

Nicole Pashek- The Dalles resident

Shanon & Daniel Saldivar- The Dalles residents

Sandra Haechrel- The Dalles resident

Dave Rawson- The Dalles resident

Jaime Paiser- The Dalles resident

Jonathan Chiaravalle- The Dalles resident

Phillip Brady- North Wasco School District 21

Rich Mays- mayoral candidate for the city of The Dalles

Elanor Lemann- The Dalles resident

Michael Nagle- The Dalles resident

Joyce Overeem- The Dalles resident

Sondra Brownstein-Lynn- The Dalles resident

Antoine Tissot- The Dalles resident

David Cleveland- The Dalles resident

Robyn Conger- The Dalles resident

Diane R Bungum

Sherry Munro- retired

Alyson Vennewitz- North Wasco School District 21

Steven Sugg- self employed

Roger M. Kline- Northern Wasco Co PUD

Dr. Analene Pentopoulos- MCMC

Tedd Lovell- retired office manager

Kathy Holeman- MCMC

Kathy Ursprung

John Nelson- retired educator

Jim Wilcox - Columbia River Properties

Bethani Studebaker - Northwest Nazarene University

Diana Compton - retired

Gene Parker - City of The Dalles

Susan Stewart - retired

Charles Toole

Carl Compton - retired

Rev Donnamae Craber Grannemann - retired

Mrs Ortega - North Wasco School District 21

Ernie Blatz - Ernie's Locks & Keys

Ken Bailey - Orchard View Farms

Raz Mason - Mason Consulting, LLC

Cheryl Ortega - retired

Brenda Thomas - Orchard View Farms

Kurt Conger - Northern Wasco County PUD

Bob Bailey - Orchard View Farms

Rebecca Thistlethwaite - NWasco SD School Board member zone 1, Mosier resident

Philip Mascher - Avenue Properties

Eduardo Ortega - Northern Wasco County PUD

Trudy Lupkes - Orchard View, Inc

Rymmel Lovell - The Dalles resident

Courtney Christenson - Director of Gorge Owned

Ryan LeBreton - Mid Columbia Vision Source, P.C.

Bailey Ortega - The Dalles resident

** This is not necessarily an endorsement by the employer or business listed, just for identification purposes only

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